Samsung Note 7 Recall | What a Headache!

Samsung Note 7 Recall | What a Headache!

The Samsung Note 7 is officially dead, and with the HUGE headache that this phone has caused me, I say, “Good riddance!” I could forgive the first recall because I’m quite sure that they didn’t plan it. I don’t believe that they planned the second one either, but either way, I have to cut my losses.

I’ve always had a bit of a love/hate relationship with the Note series. I’ve had a Note since the 4th one, and what I loved about it was the S-Pen. The thing that I’ve always hated though was the Touch Wiz UI that Samsung puts over Android. It has always looked butt-ugly to me. They managed to lessen its prevalence in the Note 5 and 7, and the introduction of themes was a big help. That being said, Touch Wiz was still present and still a bit of an eye sore when compared to HTC Sense, stock Android, or even iOS.

This second, and I presume final, recall of the Samsung Note 7 leaves many users like me in a dilemma. I personally don’t want another Android device. I don’t want any other Samsung device other than the Note due to the S-Pen, and none of the other Android devices available through carriers are as beautiful as the Note 7 in my opinion. I’m kind of considering the LG V20 due to its audio and camera capabilities, but like I said before, it’s nowhere near as sexy as the Note 7. The same goes for the Google Pixel and Pixel XL.

The only other phones on the market that can really compete with the Samsung Note 7 in terms of looks as well as pure performance would be the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. I had the iPhone 7 in matte black and swapped it for the Note 7; just my luck, right? I loved the phone itself due to the better audio quality, speakers, enhanced app experience, and even due to features like 3D Touch, but I couldn’t deal with the smaller screen. I could get the iPhone 7 Plus, but now I’ll have to wait until November for it if I want the 256GB rose gold version.

Pretty much, right now it’s down to either the less ascetically appealing LG V20, the smaller screen of the iPhone 7, or the long wait time with the iPhone 7 Plus. Needless to say, I’m not very happy right now!

My whole family has a Samsung device right now, and we were a happy Samsung family, but due to this 2nd recall, I’m having to break up my family-phone dynamic. It sucks! Many would say, “Well why don’t you just go with the S7 Edge?” My answer to that is, “After having the Samsung Note 7, all other Android phones pale in comparison.”

That’s what makes this situation such a shame. This wasn’t just a fly-by-night, no name, el cheapo phone. This was Samsung’s latest flagship, and arguably the best phone of 2016! I wonder if Samsung will recover from this debacle.  Only time will tell, but for me, my love/hate relationship with the brand is over, and I’ll be heading over to AT&T soon once I choose which device I’m moving to.

You disappointed me Samsung; you really disappointed me!

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