This Product Made My Hair Break Off

This Product Made My Hair Break Off

This is the story of a time when I used a keratin treatment, and it ended up causing my hair to break off. The name of the treatment is Quantum by Zotos. I did want to clarify something that I might not have in the video. This keratin treatment isn’t bad; it’s just that my natural hair doesn’t take in keratin well. My theory is that it is because my hair is normal porosity. Since it’s normal, I really don’t need any extra keratin. Now, when I use products with keratin in them, at best my hair turns into a puff ball, or at worst, I end up like the video.

I put this same treatment in my mother’s low porosity hair, and it did wonders! She had no breakage at all, and it straightened her hair very nicely. I would recommend the Quantum by Zotos keratin treatment to those who can tolerate keratin in their hair. It is formaldehyde free and is quite effective!

Well that is all for me right now, and I really hope that you enjoyed the video. Take care!

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