My Most Embarrassing Moment at Work!

My Most Embarrassing Moment at Work!

On this particular day, I was extremely bored, plus the day seemed like it was going at a snail’s pace. At the time, I was working from home, and I was on the chat team. This meant that it didn’t matter if I had background noise happening since I didn’t have to speak to any customers. To pass the time, I was watching some YouTube videos, as I did on many days.

The day started to pass along, and it was finally time for our team meeting. I must admit that I really wasn’t thinking clearly that day and that my thoughts were in a bit of a haze because I got connected to the virtual meeting while I still had a YouTube video playing. I muted the mic on my headset and thought that this would be enough, so I continued to watch the video as more and more people joined the meeting.

A few seconds in, I noticed some odd things being entered into the chat. One person typed “????” Another person typed, “What in the world!?!” I was like, “What are they talking about?”, and that’s when I noticed that the mic on my computer had been on the whole time. One of my team members privately messaged me and told me to hurry up and mute myself because everyone could hear what was going on. I was mortified! I quickly paused the video and muted my mic!

Saying that my face was red at that moment was an understatement; I probably had the complexion of a beet. I was thinking to myself, “Why in the world did I not just stop the video until the meeting was over?” “Why did I have to be watching . . . HER at that time?” There was this vlogger that I had recently subscribed to that I was watching at that particular moment. Her style of vlogging isn’t usually my cup of tea because she cusses a lot and sometimes talks about “off the collar” subjects, but I decided to give her a chance because we were from the same state. You know that it had to be one of those moments where she’s cussing up storm, dropping F-bombs and calling other females the “B” word, at the very moment when everyone in the meeting could hear it. After the incident, people were asking me what show I was watching because it sounded like a good cat fight. I was way too embarrassed to answer.

I didn’t get fired or anything after that. I think that my manager knew how embarrassed I was, and he didn’t even bring it up after it happened. This was most definitely my most embarrassing moment that took place at work. Needless to say, I didn’t play any more videos during meetings again. I even unsubscribed from that vloggers channel for a while because watching her afterwards reminded me of the event. The lesson to be learned here is to not goof off during meetings, I guess, or to at least make sure that you’re fully muted before you do because you never know who’s listening.

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