Introducing Virtuous Ruby!

Introducing Virtuous Ruby!

Hello, my name is Savannah Kirby, and welcome to! The name Virtuous Ruby was taken from Proverbs 31 verses 10-31 of the Bible that shares the story of the virtuous woman.

The primary reason that I wanted to start a website that was based on this was because most the time when you hear this story, it is from the perspective of a wife and mother. At the time of writing this, I am neither of those things, but does that make me any less virtuous? No! Though these are extremely important attributes to a virtuous woman, it only makes up part of her. She’s a business woman, intelligent, good with finances, and in good spiritual, mental, and physical health.

That brings to my next point. This site will primarily focus on the spiritual, mental, and physical aspects of the story from Proverbs 31:17 in the amplified version. As far as spirituality, I will share stories and methods that I use to build a closer relationship with God. For the mental aspect, I will talk about things that I practice in my everyday life that help me keep a healthy mental state of mind. This will also be shown through writing. Writing is a major mental outlet for me, and I will showcase many of my writings, personal stories, and experiences here on Virtuous Ruby. The physical aspect is something that is a work in progress. I plan to share my personal stories of dealing with my weight, health, and provide beauty tips as well.

I will also feature things like reviews, advice, and the occasional commentary. You can rest assured that anything that I review on this website and/or my YouTube channel will be a product or service that I use personally and that it is straight from my perspective as a consumer.

Thank you for dropping by, and I really hope that you’ll come back and visit me again! Until next time, have a blessed and glorious day!

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