A Double Portion Blessing in the Simplest of Places

A Double Portion Blessing in the Simplest of Places

Double portion, 2 eggs for the price of 1

Good glorious morning everyone! Today when I cracked open an egg for breakfast, I noticed that it came with a bonus inside. It was a single egg that had 2 yolks. I LOVE it when that happens! It’s like getting 2 for the price of 1!

This also got me to thinking about my faith. Earlier on in the week, I was guilty of letting my circumstances cloud my faith in what God can do behalf. This nearly led me to make some stupid, unnecessary, and costly mistakes.

Oddly enough, cracking open this egg reminded me of how God can pour you out a blessing in the simplest of ways. We often only think of blessings in terms of instantaneous huge amounts of money or something dramatic like that. I was planning on cooking 2 eggs for breakfast, but since I got 2 yolks in 1 egg, I was able to save an egg for another day. God is awesome, and He can deliver a double portion blessing easily, if you’ll only let Him!

Well, that is my inspirational words for this morning, and to whomever reads this, I really hope that it touches you in some way. Whatever you may be going through, God has already made provisions to see you through it. Just make sure that your heart is open and that your ears are listening for His voice so that you don’t miss it! Take care everyone, and I’ll see you in the next post!

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