YouTube Channel Name Change | Real Talk


In this video, I talk about why I changed the name of my YouTube Channel from Virtuous Ruby to just my name, Savannah Kirby. I also have a real talk discussion about what you can expect from my channel in the future. Virtuous Ruby isn’t going away forever. I’ve just thought of a better way to use that name and website. That is a topic for another day though. That is it for this, take care!

This Product Made My Hair Break Off

This is the story of a time when I used a keratin treatment, and it ended up causing my hair to break off. The name of the treatment is Quantum by Zotos. I did want to clarify something that I might not have in the video. This keratin treatment isn’t bad; it’s just that my natural hair doesn’t take in keratin well. My theory is that it is because my hair is normal porosity. Since it’s normal, I really don’t need any extra keratin. Now, when I use products with keratin in them, at best my hair turns into a puff ball, or at worst, I end up like the video.

I put this same treatment in my mother’s low porosity hair, and it did wonders! She had no breakage at all, and it straightened her hair very nicely. I would recommend the Quantum by Zotos keratin treatment to those who can tolerate keratin in their hair. It is formaldehyde free and is quite effective!

Well that is all for me right now, and I really hope that you enjoyed the video. Take care!

A Double Portion Blessing in the Simplest of Places

Double portion, 2 eggs for the price of 1

Good glorious morning everyone! Today when I cracked open an egg for breakfast, I noticed that it came with a bonus inside. It was a single egg that had 2 yolks. I LOVE it when that happens! It’s like getting 2 for the price of 1!

This also got me to thinking about my faith. Earlier on in the week, I was guilty of letting my circumstances cloud my faith in what God can do behalf. This nearly led me to make some stupid, unnecessary, and costly mistakes.

Oddly enough, cracking open this egg reminded me of how God can pour you out a blessing in the simplest of ways. We often only think of blessings in terms of instantaneous huge amounts of money or something dramatic like that. I was planning on cooking 2 eggs for breakfast, but since I got 2 yolks in 1 egg, I was able to save an egg for another day. God is awesome, and He can deliver a double portion blessing easily, if you’ll only let Him!

Well, that is my inspirational words for this morning, and to whomever reads this, I really hope that it touches you in some way. Whatever you may be going through, God has already made provisions to see you through it. Just make sure that your heart is open and that your ears are listening for His voice so that you don’t miss it! Take care everyone, and I’ll see you in the next post!

Samsung Note 7 Recall | What a Headache!

The Samsung Note 7 is officially dead, and with the HUGE headache that this phone has caused me, I say, “Good riddance!” I could forgive the first recall because I’m quite sure that they didn’t plan it. I don’t believe that they planned the second one either, but either way, I have to cut my losses.

I’ve always had a bit of a love/hate relationship with the Note series. I’ve had a Note since the 4th one, and what I loved about it was the S-Pen. The thing that I’ve always hated though was the Touch Wiz UI that Samsung puts over Android. It has always looked butt-ugly to me. They managed to lessen its prevalence in the Note 5 and 7, and the introduction of themes was a big help. That being said, Touch Wiz was still present and still a bit of an eye sore when compared to HTC Sense, stock Android, or even iOS.

This second, and I presume final, recall of the Samsung Note 7 leaves many users like me in a dilemma. I personally don’t want another Android device. I don’t want any other Samsung device other than the Note due to the S-Pen, and none of the other Android devices available through carriers are as beautiful as the Note 7 in my opinion. I’m kind of considering the LG V20 due to its audio and camera capabilities, but like I said before, it’s nowhere near as sexy as the Note 7. The same goes for the Google Pixel and Pixel XL.

The only other phones on the market that can really compete with the Samsung Note 7 in terms of looks as well as pure performance would be the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. I had the iPhone 7 in matte black and swapped it for the Note 7; just my luck, right? I loved the phone itself due to the better audio quality, speakers, enhanced app experience, and even due to features like 3D Touch, but I couldn’t deal with the smaller screen. I could get the iPhone 7 Plus, but now I’ll have to wait until November for it if I want the 256GB rose gold version.

Pretty much, right now it’s down to either the less ascetically appealing LG V20, the smaller screen of the iPhone 7, or the long wait time with the iPhone 7 Plus. Needless to say, I’m not very happy right now!

My whole family has a Samsung device right now, and we were a happy Samsung family, but due to this 2nd recall, I’m having to break up my family-phone dynamic. It sucks! Many would say, “Well why don’t you just go with the S7 Edge?” My answer to that is, “After having the Samsung Note 7, all other Android phones pale in comparison.”

That’s what makes this situation such a shame. This wasn’t just a fly-by-night, no name, el cheapo phone. This was Samsung’s latest flagship, and arguably the best phone of 2016! I wonder if Samsung will recover from this debacle.  Only time will tell, but for me, my love/hate relationship with the brand is over, and I’ll be heading over to AT&T soon once I choose which device I’m moving to.

You disappointed me Samsung; you really disappointed me!

Big Chop Before and After; My Story of Going Natural

To be perfectly honest, I didn’t really choose to go natural . . . it chose me! What I mean is that I didn’t just wake up one morning with the idea of going natural nor was I inspired by some girl’s ultra-chic fro. I went natural out of pure necessity.

I started having EXTREME breakage! It was just my relaxed hair that was breaking off though; all of my new growth remained intact. I ignored it at first because my hair tends to shed quite a bit on occasion but would grow back very quickly. That wasn’t the case this time. My relaxed ends just started breaking off entirely; it was as if my natural hair was rejecting it! It had gotten so bad and uneven that literally, there was no more relaxed hair at all on the sides of my head, only the new growth remained. My hair in the back seemed to not be affected, but that’s where it’s the strongest and longest, and also my hair in the front was left reasonably unharmed. That being said, if you look at the picture, you can see that it was dreadfully uneven and was not in the best shape at all!


If it wasn’t for the fact that it was absolutely necessary for me to do a big chop and go natural, I likely never would have. I was perfectly fine with getting my hair relaxed, but this time, I guess that I took too long between relaxers. My hair had a tendency of getting weak if I went too long without a perm, which is likely what lead to this extreme result.

With all that being said, I will likely NEVER get a relaxer in my hair again! If I did, I would have no choice but to continue with getting them; transitioning out just wouldn’t be an option for me.

Though I’m going to miss putting my hair up in a ponytail and wearing it in a bun for a while, I’m glad to have let my relaxed hair go. I don’t miss it at all! I LOVE how my hair curls up after washing and conditioning it, plus on days when I want to wear it straight, it’s really not hard at all for me to straighten it without chemicals. Though I went natural purely due to circumstances, now that I’m here, there’s no looking back!

2 Truths and 1 Lie Challenge

I was thinking of the best way to introduce myself to my potential new readers. That’s when I decided to do a 2 truths and 1 lie challenge! Below, I will list 2 truths about myself and 1 lie; will you be able to pick out the lie? Well, let’s get started and find out!

  1. I have a very unique and rare personality type.
  2. I was 4’ 11” all the way until my senior year of high school, when I had a “growth spurt” and finally reached 5’ 3”.
  3. I got my very first marriage proposal when I was 6 years old.

Take a moment to think about these 3 potential truths. Which ones seem to be the most plausible? Which one seems to be the most unreasonable?  Alright, that’s long enough; I’ll start out by telling you what the lie is. (NOTE: Click on the blurred text for it to appear 🙂 )

Number 2 is the lie, I actually stopped growing around the 10th grade, and I’m only 5’2”.

Now onto the truths! They need a bit more explaining…

Number 1: Some time last year, I was having a moment of introspection and reflection. I was doing some research and found out about the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator Test, and I took the personality test on The results showed that I was an INTJ-A. People with this personality type make up only roughly 2% of the population, and only 0.8% of them are women. I found this to be a little cool since it’s rare, but also very troubling at the same time. Due to things that were happening at the time, I already felt a bit like an alien, and taking that test pretty much proved it. I wasn’t very happy or accepting of it at the time. I won’t get into that here though; that deserves a story all to itself! 


Number 3: Don’t worry; it was another child who asked me to marry him and not some old pervert! I was in the 1st grade and was also the new girl in school at the time. Long story short, there was this one particular boy who just seemed to go out of his way to get my attention. He even went as far as to get transferred to my class just to get closer to me. One day on the playground we were playing, and he just asked me to marry him out of the blue. I said no of course. That wasn’t the last time that he asked me. Pretty much, he kept on asking me to marry him all throughout our childhood. I could tell even at that young age that we weren’t a good match for each other, so I always turned him down. Despite this, we were still able to stay friends, and we still speak to each other to this day when we see each other out and about. 


His proposal might have been the first one that I got, but it certainly wasn’t the last. From that time to now, I’ve actually lost count of how many times I’ve been proposed to. I haven’t accepted any proposals yet though. I haven’t really had any feelings for any of the guys that have asked. That being said, I REALLY hope that the next guy who asks me is someone with whom I can reciprocate their feelings. Perhaps then, I’ll finally say yes.


Alright, there you have it; those are the results of my 2 truths and 1 lie challenge. Which one did you think was the lie? Leave me a comment below and let me know. Well, now you know a bit more about me, and I really hope that you’ll stick around to find out more. I LOVE telling a good story, and my life thus far has been filled with them. Alright, that’s it for now, and I hope to see you in the next one. Take care!

My Most Embarrassing Moment at Work!

On this particular day, I was extremely bored, plus the day seemed like it was going at a snail’s pace. At the time, I was working from home, and I was on the chat team. This meant that it didn’t matter if I had background noise happening since I didn’t have to speak to any customers. To pass the time, I was watching some YouTube videos, as I did on many days.

The day started to pass along, and it was finally time for our team meeting. I must admit that I really wasn’t thinking clearly that day and that my thoughts were in a bit of a haze because I got connected to the virtual meeting while I still had a YouTube video playing. I muted the mic on my headset and thought that this would be enough, so I continued to watch the video as more and more people joined the meeting.

A few seconds in, I noticed some odd things being entered into the chat. One person typed “????” Another person typed, “What in the world!?!” I was like, “What are they talking about?”, and that’s when I noticed that the mic on my computer had been on the whole time. One of my team members privately messaged me and told me to hurry up and mute myself because everyone could hear what was going on. I was mortified! I quickly paused the video and muted my mic!

Saying that my face was red at that moment was an understatement; I probably had the complexion of a beet. I was thinking to myself, “Why in the world did I not just stop the video until the meeting was over?” “Why did I have to be watching . . . HER at that time?” There was this vlogger that I had recently subscribed to that I was watching at that particular moment. Her style of vlogging isn’t usually my cup of tea because she cusses a lot and sometimes talks about “off the collar” subjects, but I decided to give her a chance because we were from the same state. You know that it had to be one of those moments where she’s cussing up storm, dropping F-bombs and calling other females the “B” word, at the very moment when everyone in the meeting could hear it. After the incident, people were asking me what show I was watching because it sounded like a good cat fight. I was way too embarrassed to answer.

I didn’t get fired or anything after that. I think that my manager knew how embarrassed I was, and he didn’t even bring it up after it happened. This was most definitely my most embarrassing moment that took place at work. Needless to say, I didn’t play any more videos during meetings again. I even unsubscribed from that vloggers channel for a while because watching her afterwards reminded me of the event. The lesson to be learned here is to not goof off during meetings, I guess, or to at least make sure that you’re fully muted before you do because you never know who’s listening.

Proofreading Fail!


This story takes place way back in 4th grade. In our classroom, passing notes was against the rules, as it is in most classrooms. To get around that, we would go to our favorite desks in the classroom that were located in the back of the room. What made these two desks special was that the top of them had cubicle-like partitions so that whomever was sitting in them wouldn’t be distracted by those around. The true secret of what we fondly named “the cubby desk” was that you could pass notes between the front of the partition to the person on the other side, thusly creating a great cover for our note passing exploits.

One particular day, I was sitting at the cubby desk with a boy in my class that I’ll call James for the purpose of this story. James and I had a bit of a frenemy type relationship. We were cool with each other overall, but we had a habit of cracking jokes at each other, and sometimes it would get out of hand. That morning, we started joshing around that morning at breakfast in the lunchroom, and it continued back in class. We were passing notes to one another at the cubby desk. At first, the jokes were tame, but it quickly escalated to “Yo Momma” jokes. He had some pretty good ones that day, and so did I, but at some point he crossed the line. To be honest, I don’t remember what he said, but it really didn’t matter. After making that wisecrack, I was mad!

I made it up in my mind then and there that I was through with him, and that I was going to let him know just how much I loathe him. Then I came up with the harshest way to convey the message that my 4th grade self could and passed him a note saying, “I really don’t like you!” I was so blinded by my anger at his previous insult that I didn’t take the time to double check what I had written.

When I passed it to him, it took him a while to come back with his response. It took so long, in fact, that I got up to make sure that he was even still sitting on the other side. He was just sitting there staring at the note. Before I could say anything he asked me to sit back down on the other side so that he could pass me his response, so I did. He passed it back, and it read, “Really? I like you too!”

I was like, “What?” What in the world was he talking about? I didn’t like him! Then I reread what I wrote, and it turns out that I left out a rather important word, don’t. When I sent the letter, it just said that I liked him instead of it saying that I didn’t! I was mortified! I quickly rewrote it and said that I didn’t like him, but it was too late. The damage was done. He wouldn’t accept any revisions to my accidental confession of puppy love. By the time that I could even gather my thoughts, he was already going around the classroom showing off the note and proclaiming that he and I were an item.

There was nothing that I could do. James was a stubborn fool. He refused to hear any of the many proclamations of my extreme hatred and disgust for him. He would just pull out that note and remind me of what I wrote. It didn’t make any difference to him that it was a total mistake.

Let’s just say that I learned my lesson from this experience. I proofread everything from term papers to text messages still to this day due to that incident. I NEVER want anything like that to happen again. He followed me around literally from that day until we graduated from elementary school and went to middle school, and the only reason that he left me alone then was because we were in two different classes, so he couldn’t keep tabs on me.

Please, learn from my early mistake and proofread anything you write, no matter how small. Trust me, it can save you a huge headache in the end!

Introducing Virtuous Ruby!

Hello, my name is Savannah Kirby, and welcome to! The name Virtuous Ruby was taken from Proverbs 31 verses 10-31 of the Bible that shares the story of the virtuous woman.

The primary reason that I wanted to start a website that was based on this was because most the time when you hear this story, it is from the perspective of a wife and mother. At the time of writing this, I am neither of those things, but does that make me any less virtuous? No! Though these are extremely important attributes to a virtuous woman, it only makes up part of her. She’s a business woman, intelligent, good with finances, and in good spiritual, mental, and physical health.

That brings to my next point. This site will primarily focus on the spiritual, mental, and physical aspects of the story from Proverbs 31:17 in the amplified version. As far as spirituality, I will share stories and methods that I use to build a closer relationship with God. For the mental aspect, I will talk about things that I practice in my everyday life that help me keep a healthy mental state of mind. This will also be shown through writing. Writing is a major mental outlet for me, and I will showcase many of my writings, personal stories, and experiences here on Virtuous Ruby. The physical aspect is something that is a work in progress. I plan to share my personal stories of dealing with my weight, health, and provide beauty tips as well.

I will also feature things like reviews, advice, and the occasional commentary. You can rest assured that anything that I review on this website and/or my YouTube channel will be a product or service that I use personally and that it is straight from my perspective as a consumer.

Thank you for dropping by, and I really hope that you’ll come back and visit me again! Until next time, have a blessed and glorious day!